The Ultimate Luxury Hair Experience

Elite Extensions was created by professional hair stylist, A. Michelle to give women what they deserve when looking for quality hair extensions. We provide hair that is easy to manage with cuticles intact to ensure the natural look and feel of the hair. Our hair will not shed nor tangle and with proper care, will last up to one year with multiple uses. No more wasting money by throwing away bundles after each install. Instead, fall in love with your bundles each and every time you wear them!


Peruvian hair is a little more coarse and thicker than Indian or Brazilian. It grows naturally straight, wavy, or very curly. Peruvian hair blends well with most relaxed textured hair. The curly texture becomes more curly when wet or shampooed. It is very luxurious and holds curls well.


Brazilian hair is the highest quality virgin hair on the market. It is the most natural looking and is easy to curl when straight. Brazilian hair is very manageable, soft and smooth, relatively thick and also durable. It is less likely to frizz due to its natural density.


Malaysian hair is typically straight and may have slight waves when collected from original donor. Malaysian is most popular for its silky texture and its ability to blend well with relaxed hair, as well as its brilliant shine. It is soft, but also heavy or thick compared to Peruvian hair and holds curls well. 


Indian hair is the most versatile. It has a very fine density, its naturally airy, light and bouncy. Indian hair blends well with most hair textures. It tends to air dry in a beautiful wave which ranges from slight wave to very wavy, although it straightens and curls easy. 



  1. It is recommended to co-wash your Elite Extensions with Ashtae heavenly silk and shine moisturizing conditioner prior to first install to ensure the hair is clean and to transform the hair to its natural state. 

  2. Always detangle hair starting from the ends with wide tooth comb or paddle brush before shampooing or co-washing.

  3. Maintain bi-weekly shampooing and conditioning with Ashtae sulfate free shampoo and silk protein conditioner to keep hair fresh and light and to prevent tangling and shedding. Dirt and products can make hair heavy and difficult to manage.

  4. Always wrap or cover hair at night with a silk or satin head scarf or bonnet. Braid or twist curly/wavy hair to avoid tangling. 

  5. Avoid excessive heat. Elite Extensions can be flat ironed up to 450 degrees.

  6. Always let air dry after shampooing or co-washing 

  7. To avoid frizz, lightly apply Ashtae hair oil to 90% air dried hair and brush with a mixed bristle brush to distribute oil evenly. You may also use the flat iron when hair is 100% dry to seal the cuticle for a smooth finish.