" Trust Your Stylist"

Healthy Hair Membership 

The Trust Your Stylist membership is a 6 month process created by master healthy hair specialist, A. Michelle. It is designed for women that are committed to beginning a new healthy hair journey. Each package is created to completely transform your hair within a 6 month period. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, transitioning, or just need a fresh start, A. Michelle can work with your hair to ensure you receive the best results possible. Here's the have to TRUST YOUR STYLIST and allow her to take full control over your hair! All you have to do is sit in the chair. Watch your hair  transform over the course of six months and love your hair more than EVER before! 

Not Your Average Natural 

Not your average natural package is designed for those with natural hair who wish for it to grow longer and become more healthy. This package challenges you to embrace your natural hair by wearing styles that only require using your own hair. 

Package includes: 

3 - Twist Outs 

3 - Natural Updos 

2 - Silk Press 

2 - Protein/moisture treatments

2 - Dandruff/scalp treatments 

3 - Trims 

3 - Ashtae Products 

1 - Trust Your Stylist t-shirt



OR 10 bi-weekly payments of $60 

Keep Me Straight

Keep me straight is specifically designed for relaxed hair or transitioning to relaxed hair. It's not true what they say about relaxers not being good for your hair. It's all about how you treat it. That's why this package is designed to properly treat your relaxed hair, while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair.  

Package includes: 

5 - Silk Press  

1 - Feedin Braids

1 - Invisible Ponytail 

2 - Relaxers

2 - Protein/moisture treatments

2 - Dandruff/scalp treatments 

3 - Trims 

3 - Ashtae Products 

1 - Trust Your Stylist t-shirt



OR 10 bi-weekly payments of $65 

Let Me Start Over

Are you at the point where you just want a fresh start? Let Me Start Over is designed to create a new look with a short haircut that will make you fall in love with you and your hair all over again. Get rid of unwanted damaged hair for good and treat your hair back to healthy and gorgeous....the right way!

Package includes: 

1 - Haircut 

2 - Relaxers

3 - Protein/moisture treatments

3 - Trims 

1 - Color 

6 - Shampoo & Style  

3 - Ashtae Products 

1 - Trust Your Stylist t-shirt



OR 10 bi-weekly payments of $70 

Protect Me Please

Protect Me Please is ​intended for natural or transitioning hair and those who just need to give their hair a break. Enjoy protective styles that fit right into your everyday lifestyle for six months and never look at your hair the same again. 

Package includes: 

1 - Crochet  

1 - Sew-in OR Unit 

1 - Large Box Braids

2 - Feedin Braids

1 - Silk Press 

3 - Protein/moisture treatments

2 - Dandruff Treatments

3 - Trims 

3 - Ashtae Products 

1 - Trust Your Stylist t-shirt



OR 10 bi-weekly payments of $90 

About the Trust Your Stylist Membership 

To ensure you receive amazing results at the end your 6 month journey, each package has been strategically put together to target specific needs of your hair so neither of the membership packages may be altered in any way by the client. Take the guess work out of trying to figure out what to do with your hair. Everything from the hairstyles worn to the products used at home are determined by your stylist, A. Michelle. Don't worry...everything you need is included in your membership. Relax and Trust your Stylist throughout your entire 6 month journey. Your results are going to blow your mind!  


Before any package can be officially selected, you must schedule a Trust Your Stylist consultation and the package that best suits your needs (if any), will be determined by your stylist. After activating your membership, you will be given a welcome kit which will include a welcome letter from A. Michelle, Ashtae hair products, a t-shirt, and a membership card.


As a Trust Your Stylist member, you will have priority booking, which means your appointments will be scheduled in advance and before anyone else, so you won't have to worry about missing an appointment because of unavailability. Scheduling will typically be done at the end of each service, unless you choose to schedule multiple dates in advance. 

Rescheduling Appointments 

If you need to reschedule one of your appointments, it must be within 7 days of your initial appointment. Any appointment that is not rescheduled within 7 days, you will lose from your package and no refunds will be given. It is not advised to cancel any of your appointments without a reschedule date as it will result in loss of that appointment and cannot be redeemed.  

Payment Options

The Trust Your Stylist Membership comes with two payment options:

1) One full payment that is due at the start of your membership. Once membership has been paid in full, no refunds can be given. If you wish to terminate your membership before 6 months, you will not receive a refund for the services not rendered, and you must wait out the full contract before starting over. No exceptions. 

2) 10 payments that are automatically debited every two weeks. The first two payments are due upfront to activate your membership. Your debit card will be placed on file for future payments to be automatically drafted every two weeks. If a scheduled payment is declined, there will be 3 attempts to resubmit payment. If payment declines after third attempt, your membership will be canceled and no more payments will be drafted. If you wish to continue membership, you must wait out the full contract before starting over. No exceptions.

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